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KARTAL METAL GALVANIZ SAN.TIC.LTD.STI. has been founded in 1990 and started its manufacturing activities at the Ostim Organized Industrial Region.

We started processing by the production of electrical earthing products manufactured with hot dip galvanizing. In a short time we have been the leader in Turkey in the area of production of earthing tapes, earthing conductors, earthin strips, earthing plates, earthing electrodes, earthing pales, braided conductors and steel wires. At the same time, KARTAL METAL serve many leading firms in the area of hot dip galvanizing process in Turkey as the subcontract manufacturer.

Subcontract manufacturing of hot dip galvanizing of various industrial products such as the poles of high voltage energy transmission line, highway barriers, steel grating products, electrical panels get realized according to the TSE 914 EN ISO 1461, ASTM A123/A123M, BS729, NF ISO 1461 norms and these products are tested in our own laboratories.

KARTAL METAL has started to produce gratings in the year 2006. We become a partner with the German Company MEISER GmbH which is only the leader in Europe in its field. Because these products are galvanized by us at our own facilities, we are able to offer them to our customers at competitive prices and with the superior quality.

We purchase a large proportion of the needed raw materials from one of the subsidiary of our Group Companies called KARTAL HADDECILIK SANAYI. Therefore we take an advantage of obtaining the fitting type of the raw materials with the appropriate characteristics just in time, and we reflect these advantages to our clients with the great appreciation.

KARTAL METAL is the leader in Turkish market in the production of hot dip galvanized earthing products like steel tapes, steel strips, steel conductors, steel pales, steel electrodes, steel sheets, steel plates, steel wires and steel ropes etc.

We are the biggest steel strip manufacturer via CONTINUOUSLY HOT DIP GALVANIZING LINE in Turkiye.

We are well aware of the precondition required for the recognition in the domestic and the global markets is to achieve high quality in “products” and “services”. Keeping this in mind, we always do aim to reach the best quality in all of our performances and we do aim to provide the best to our clients. Therefore we own the TSE (Turkish Standards Instution) and ISO9000 Quality Certificates.

KARTAL METAL are going to continue its improvement by giving a priority to the needs and well satisfaction of our clients, with aim of high precedence to serve the country as a whole and by focusing on human resources too.


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